Pig Roaster

Pig Roaster

Pig roaster with 30# propane… $210.00

Steel pig roaster with a large removable stainless steel cooking pan and 24″ x 60″ nickel plated cooking rack. Easy cleaning & sanitary cooking surface. Natural convection circulates heat, reducing roasting time and eliminating the need to turn the meat. Gas control is equipped with pilot. Can roast up to a 300# pig. Simply open the hood, place a pig inside, and ignite the gas burner. Also have the option to fill the wood trough with wood chips during the first few hours of the cooking cycle for an authentic wood flavor. Additional cleanup fee of $50 applies if roaster is not returned to the same condition upon return. Includes 30# propane tank, and additional propane is available at $20 per 20# tank.

Roasting Chart:
Size / Duration
100-200# pig / 7-9 hours
300# pig / 9-12 hours

Pig Roast Guidelines:
Determine the number of people that you plan to serve. Allow 1¼# to 1½# of carcass weight per person (depending on the scale of your overall menu offerings). This will help determine the amount of pork to purchase. Cook at a temperature of 200-250 degrees. Outside temperature and wind will have an effect on maintaining the temperature during cooking. Test your roaster upon arrival to your roasting site. Start your pig early, you can always back off the roasting temp, but you can not create extra time.

75 lb dressed pig yields approx. 30# cooked chopped pork = 50 guests
100 lb dressed pig yields approx. 40# cooked chopped pork = 65 guests
125 lb dressed pig yields approx. 50# cooked chopped pork = 85 guests

Special Notes:
The roaster will be tested at our location prior to your pickup (several times by our staff) to ensure optimal working condition, but once it is in your possession you are responsible for its operation & care. We are available upon pickup to provide recommendations & walk-thru of equipment usage. At NO TIME should you perform any maintenance on the roaster without our approval – customer is responsible for any damages to equipment. Additional cleanup fee of $50 applies if roaster is not returned to the same condition upon return.