About Us

Hoag’s Catering and Event Rentals offers 24-7 catering services to our clientele. We have a party rental equipment division that we use to service our catering customers as well as retail rentals without food service.

Our catering events range from continental breakfasts to dinners and light receptions, tailgates, wedding receptions and backyard barbecues. We do street fairs and large expos as a vendor as well. Our service can be a supplied event to fully catered functions with bartenders and waitstaff.

The History of Hoag’s Catering & Celebration Hall

Hoag’s Catering had a humble beginning as a small delicatessen on West High Street in Bellefonte, PA. The small deli was purchased by William J. Moerschbacher, a politician and banker, who catered part-time. His son Bill became his partner in the early sixties and pushed Hoag’s to become a full-time catering business. William’s younger son, Skip, partnered with Bill in 1979 and then became the sole proprietor in 1986.

In the early 1990’s, Skip moved the catering business to State College and established Celebration Hall where the business expanded to offer on-site events while continuing off-site catering. In 2017 Celebration Hall was sold as Skip prepared himself for retirement.  Hoags moved to its current location in March 2018 at the Old Corning building just 2 miles away from Celebration Hall.  While in-house events are not possible with the new location, Hoag’s works with local venues to help clients find the perfect spot.

Skip stepped into full retirement May 2023 when he sold Hoag’s to Ashley Huey-McMurtrie.  In 2017, Ashley Huey-McMurtrie rejoined the business and took over as General Manager. Ashley previously worked for Hoag’s in high school before she went to college to study culinary arts.