Our Catering Services

Our social and corporate catering and party rental division has been doing business locally since 1947 – from backyard events to elegant weddings, class reunions to the legendary Beaver Stadium – we’ve been there and done that. We know the in’s and out’s and what it takes to make your event successful.

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Delivered Events

We deliver, set up the food/beverage service, and arrange for a return/pickup time for any reusable hardware provided (chafers, linen, platters, etc) if needed. *minimum $6 per person food & beverage charge required


Full Service Events

We deliver, set up, and stay onsite for the food/beverage service portion of the event. An appropriate number of service attendants are included for groups of 40 or more. Groups of 39 or less are billed at $45 per hour per service attendant. Service attendants are billed only for the additional service provided during the event. *minimum $6 per person food & beverage charge required


Curbside Pickup

We prepare your menu and roundup all of the supplies. You pick it all up. There is no surcharge for small groups for Curbside Pickups. There is no gratuity billed for Curbside Pickups.


Serviceware Options

All buffets are served with disposable paperware. Please add $1.00 per person for ecoware, $1.50 per person for upscale plastic service, $3.00 per person for abbreviated service, or $5.00 per person for china service. Appropriate table covering for food/beverage tables are included.


Group Size Information

We reserve the right to quote an additional surcharge based on the group size:

  • $2.00 surcharge per guest will be added for groups of 15-24 guests
  • $3.00 surcharge per guest will be added for groups of 14 guests or less

6% sales tax and 18-25% gratuities will be added to your bill, based on the menu selected.


We require a deposit of $350.00 plus 25% of any equipment rental for events. We also require a signed estimate and/or contract. We prefer NOT to handle money off-site – full payment or a credit card is required prior to your event, or a 10% service charge will be added to the total. We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express. A late charge of 2% per month will apply on all past due invoices.

A final guarantee of attendance is required four (6) business days in advance of the function.

All food charges are subject to 6% sales tax unless an exemption form is provided in advance. Gratuity rates vary, based upon the menu selected and the size of your group. See the Group Size Information section of this page for more details.

We can do all of the above with our catering services, based on your needs and budget.

We absolutely can, but in order for us to provide the special foods for these guests, we will need to be notified in advance. Please communicate to us their specific needs – the more specific, the better. Pricing may vary, based on the products required to meet the dietary restriction(s).

Yes, there will be a 25% discount for children 6 to 12 years of age. There is no charge for children 5 and under. However, we do need a count of how many children will be attending and their ages. These discounts apply for when children will be eating from the same buffet as the rest of the guests. Special plated meals for children (such as chicken fingers and fries) will be charged at $11.95 per meal.

In compliance with standards set by the Board of Health, prepared leftover food is disposed of properly. This eliminates the concern of foodborne illness caused by improperly stored or transported food.

Since our vehicles transport food, we will not utilize them to transport trash. In most cases, trash removal is the responsibility of the venue, and in other cases it is the responsibility of the group contracting the venue space. Please check with the venue to ensure that they will have an adequate number of trash/recycling/composting receptacles available

All prices are quoted for 25 or more guests. We do have a surcharge structure for small groups under 25 guests. A $2.00 surcharge per guest will be added for groups of 15 to 24 guests. A $3.00 surcharge per guest will be added for groups 14 or less. Higher gratuity rates also apply for smaller groups.

If you are renting a venue, please check with them for their alcohol policies. In most cases, it is your responsibility to supply all of the alcoholic beverages. Hoag’s Catering can provide certified bartenders, supplies, and mixers if you so choose. Bartenders will be billed at the rate of $75.00/hr for the first bartender and $35.00/hr for the second bartender, with a minimum of four hours per event. This billable time also includes any setup, teardown, or travel time.

Available mixers include soda (regular and diet), orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, ginger ale, ice, and fruit garnishes. Beverage napkins and disposable cups or glassware can be provided. Customized supply packages can be designed to suit your needs and budget. If you are supplying your own alcohol, we are not permitted to transport it for you, or store it at our facility.

We are required to abide by the regulations of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Therefore, we will not serve persons under the age of 21 or persons appearing to be visibly intoxicated. We reserve the right (regardless of the extent of the services in which we are providing) to close a bar, or deal with intoxicated or underage guests to the fullest extent.

Bar supplies and mixers are priced as follows:

  • With disposable service – $5.50 per guest (4 hours)
  • With glass service – $7.50 per guest (4 hours)
  • Please add $1.00 per person for each additional hour

Our service staff is only available for events in which we handle the catering at. We do not contract out staff.



Hot Breakfast Buffet – Choose from scrambled eggs, pancakes, French toast, and more as your main entrée along with your choice of three side dishes. Served with juice, coffee, and hot tea.
Single Entrée – $13.95 per person
Double Entrée – $15.95 per person

Grab and Go Breakfast – Premade and wrapped egg, cheese, and meat sandwiches.
$10.50 per person

Continental Breakfast – Includes assorted baked goods with beverages.
$6.95 per person

Soups and Sandwiches

Boxed Lunches – Your choice of sandwich with lettuce, onion, and tomato. along with condiments, an apple, chips, and a cookie or brownie.
$10.95 per person

Deli Style Buffet – Your choice of a traditional sliced deli platter or three signature premade sandwiches or wraps.
$14.95 per person

Soup and Salad Buffet – Your choice of soup with a make-your-own salad bar.
$16.95 per person

Lunch and Dinner

Summer Grill BBQ – Choice of two meats to be grilled on-location, with three sides and sweet tea. Choose from full service, which includes onsite service staff and buffet hardware, or express BBQ.
Full Service – $18.95 per person
Express BBQ – $15.95 per person

Pig Roast – Includes a roasted whole pig to be carved on-location, Kaisers, our spread of original barbecue sauces, and choice of three sides with sweet tea.
$20.95 per person

Express Italian Buffet – Buffets include your choice of two specialty Italian entrées, tossed salad or Caesar salad, garlic bread, iced tea, and cookies/brownies tray.
$14.50 per person

Homestyle Buffet – Choose from meatloaf, lasagna, French dips, and more as the main entrée, also includes your choice of three sides, sweet tea, rolls, and butter.
Single Entrée – $15.95 per person
Double Entrée – $18.95 per person

Formal Dinner

Formal Dinner Buffet – The buffet includes an abbreviated china service with your choice of two entrées, tossed salad, your selection of two side dishes, artisan rolls and butter, light dessert, iced tea, and water.
Classic Entrées – $22.99 per person
Premium Entrées – $26.99 per person

Plated Dinners – Sit-down-style dinner menus include family-style salad and artisan bread service, assorted cheesecakes, ice water, and coffee service.
$22.99 – $37.99 per person


A La Carte Appetizers – Choose from a selection of dips, sliders, hot, or cold appetizers. Prices based on appetizer event or in addition to full dinner. A La Carte Appetizers do not include any serviceware. (Add $1.00 per person for paperware, $1.50 per person for ecoware, $2.00 per person for upscale plastic, or $3.50 per person for china.)

A La Carte Stations – Add an additional station to your catered meal with choices including a mashed potato bar, mac and cheese station, or a variety of dessert stations. Prices based on appetizer event or in addition to full dinner.

Breaks, Beverages, and Desserts

Breaks – Choose from one of three options that includes assorted snacks and beverages
$6.50 – $7.95 per person

Beverages – Available with minimum $6 per person food charge. Stations include lemonade, coffee, bottled water, or tea.
$2.95 – $4.95 per person

Desserts – Choose from a selection of desserts from cookies to brownies to pies. Prices in addition to full dinner.

Holiday and Specialty Menus

Traditional Holiday Buffet – Have the whole thing delivered and catered for your special seasonal event. This option is complete with appropriate serviceware and buffet hardware.
$18.95 per person

Traditional Package – Pick-up or delivery available. Choose hot and ready to eat or chilled with reheat instructions. Call in to customize a package for larger groups.

Holiday Feast – Pick-up or delivery available. Choose hot and ready to eat or chilled with reheat instructions. Call in to customize a package for larger groups.

Holiday Pick Up Party Packs – The Holiday Party Packs are designed to make your entertaining easy around the holidays. We’ll do all the roasting and cooking. You just pick up, warm it up, and put in your own serving ware.

Tailgating – Variety of menus to choose from as you get ready for the big games this season.